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Springs are the most critical element of suspension performance. Ideally they should be matched to suit the combined weight of both bike and rider. Correct spring rate will ensure that the bike settles to the ideal rode height to determine the final geometry of the motorcycle.(Rider Sag)

Springs are available in different wire gauges and materials. the best springs are simply manufactured from the highest quality chrome silicon wire and receive hardening and prestressing treatments.

Race Tech springs are not only made using the best materials and techniques but they are also 100% tester to ensure accuracy. The industry tolerance for spring manufacturing is plus or minus 5%. This is not close enough for obtaining perfect tuning requirements so Race Tech demands that each spring is marked and tested at its correct rate.

In most cases Race Tech springs don't cost any more than lesser quality units yet have so much more to offer the most meticulous tuner or rider. Race Tech entrusts Eibach to manufacture springs for their suspension outlets. Eibach has one of the finest reputations for quality and attention to detail in the world. Combine this with Race Tech's stringent demands and technical requirements and you are assured of the finest springs on the market.

So what makes a good spring?

Ideally it should be;

  • Made from the highest quality chrome silicon spring steel
  • Press a high stiffness to mass ratio.( lightweight )
  • Be shot peened, heat treated and preset to length.( set to solid )
  • 100% tested prior to supply to the end user.

Shock spring installation details are in Shock spring installation instructions

Fork spring installation details are in Fork spring installation instructions

There is a variety of spring manufacturers on the market but for the fussiest riders there should be only one choice.


Race Tech Springs

We manufacture over 500 precision spring designs. Our HP Springs have a high stiffness-to-mass ratio. In other words our springs are lightweight for their particular rate. This requires the finest materials and processing.

  • Extremely Close Rate Tolerances
  • Shot-Peened, Heat-Treated
  • Pre-Set Means No Sacking

WP PDS Spring

KTM PDS Spring

The Race Tech SRSP 6326P Series springs are far more progressive than stock. They give your KTM more resistance to bottoming and a plusher ride at the same time. The difference is amazing! Guaranteed.

You do not need to revalve the shock to make this spring work!

ICS Springs

ICS Springs

Race Tech's Dual Chamber Pressure Springs to fit both Showa and KYB forks. Available in 1.0 kg/mm, 1.4 kg/mm, 1.8kg/mm and 2.2 kg/mm.

Nested Collars

Nested Shock Collars

SPSC collars nest inside each other to custom fit springs

R1 R6 Preload Adjuster

R1 and R6 Preload Adjuster

Stock R1 and R6 ramp style spring preload adjusters provide a very limited range of adjustment. This threaded preload adjustment provides a wide and precise adjustment

Spring Range