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Gold Valves
G3 Shock Absorbers

Race Tech Supension can not be defined by one particular product or premise. This innovative company is constantly evolving to keep ahead of the competition. Founded in 1987 by Paul Thede, Race Tech made an immediate and dramatic impact in the field of suspension. Many of the Race Tech theories were considered quite radical at the time but now we see major suspension manufacturers adopting these methods in order to gain the upper hand on their rivals.

Race Tech products are designed to provide suspension technicans with a wide range of options and solutions without having to compromiseon quality.

Gold Valves
  • Gold Valves

    - Designed to offer tuners a wider variety of damping options for obtaining the ultimate performance outcome

  • Springs

    - After years of dissappointment with the spring manufacturing industry Race Tech in its quest for higher quality levels entered into a collaboration with Eibach. Eibach have long been considered the industry leader in automotive spring manufacture. Eibach now produce Race Tech springs to Race Tech's specifications. Not being satisified with simply having the best springs available Race Tech individually test each spring for accuracy to ensure maximum suspension performance.

  • Race Tech Product
  • Ancillary Items

    - Race Tech offer a complete range of suspension necessities ranging from basic seal kits and bushes to components unavailable from motorcycle manufacturers. This is backed up with a complete range of tools and purpose built accessories
  • Technical Edge Seminars

    - Race Tech are the leading educator of the suspension industry. Reguar testing coupled with continual research and developement keep us at the forefront of technology. Technical Edge Seminars provide an opportunity to anyone interested ingaining or furthering their knowledge of suspension. Secrets revealed, Myths dispelled and a thorough enlightenment of what has long been considered an "Black Art"

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