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Shock Treatment Suspension Training Seminars 2022

We have always believed in advancing suspension knowledge and have been at the forefront in introducing information to the industry since the mid 90s. This year we have raised the bar yet again and have put together a unique opportunity for those with a keen interest in motorcycle suspension. This applies to those within the motorcycle / Automotive industry along with interested outsiders.

For many years the seminars were hosted by Paul Thede, founder of Race Tech USA. Paul’s Seminars were well presented and the information was delivered in an easily understood and efficient manner. I felt they could be improved upon with a more “Hands On” approach for the course participants with increased learning through greater interaction. All the bases are covered and a greater level of understanding and confidence is developed.

This year we are collaborating with Scott Treichler from "CTW Automation" (USA)to provide a specific “Dyno Seminar” CTW Automation

along with

Calvin Harris from “Shim Restackor” (USA) who will provide greater insight into shim stack (valving) formation and fluid dynamics.Shim Restackor

These people are regarded by their peers as experts in their respective fields and allow us to present the most comprehensive suspension training seminars that have (to my knowledge) ever been presented. I am talking “Worldwide” here.

The seminars are presented in 4 stages

  • 1. Technical insight Seminar. This 2 day course covers all the basics of suspension theory along with design evolution and function. Tuning options and instruction. A valuable and extensive course. Presented by myself with input from Calvin Morrison from Shim Restackor USA.

  • 2. Hands On Seminar. Workshop course…Once again a 2 day course where students are invited to bring along their own suspension components (forks and shock absorber) and be guided through a full disassembly / service / reassembly of such items. Students will do the work themselves under the watchful eyes and instruction of our technicians. The option of “Upgrading” performance whilst apart is also available. The real world benefit of this hands on approach far outweighs any tutorial or video instruction.

  • 3. Dyno Seminar. A one day course that is delivered by Scott Treichler, founder of CTW Automation and ex “Roehrig” executive. A stunning amount of people who own these machines are not getting the full benefit of them simply through a lack of information and support that currently exists in this country…..perhaps even worldwide. If you own a shock dyno or are considering purchasing one, this opportunity should not be missed.

  • 4. The Advanced Seminar. As the name suggests….this course offers a far greater insight into the technicalities of the suspension world and will delve into system analysis, force values and optimisation of each design option. Calvin Morrison will provide a wealth of information regarding shimstack formation and valving analysis in this course. All of this will be coupled with “track testing” and “troubleshooting” techniques

Every effort has been made to ensure course participants get “The right information from the right people” All instructors have demonstrated not only an extreme depth of knowledge in the field of suspension but also an enduring passion for the work they do. No reasonable question will go “Unanswered”. This is truly a unique opportunity.

Seminar Registration Form

  • Technical Insight Seminar 2 days Sat / Sun 22 – 23 Oct
  • Workshop / Hands On Seminar 2 days Mon / Tues 24 – 25 Oct
  • Dyno Seminar 1 day 26 Oct
  • Advanced Suspension Seminar 2 days Thursday / Friday 27 28 Oct.

Each course is $795 with discounts available for multiple course selections