About Us

Terry Hay’s Shock Treatment began its specialised, motorcycle suspension operation in 1996. Motivated by performance and a quest for knowledge, Terry travelled to Los Angeles, California to attend the Race Tech “Technical Edge” suspension Seminars. Returning several times to study advanced theory and continually further his education on the subject. Today Terry and Shock Treatment have proven to be Australia’s premier suspension outlet. We are the first for solving design issues with stock suspension as well as industry leaders in innovative concepts and ideas.

Shock Treatment Track

In a non-regulated industry where untrained people are allowed to call themselves “Suspension Tuners”, Shock Treatment has attempted to raise the standard through education. We regularly host training seminars in Australia featuring Paul Thede from Race Tech USA. Paul is one of the most credentialed people in the suspension industry today. Sadly some refuse to be educated, leaving pitfalls for the unwary.

Remember …”Not all suspension tuners are created equal”

At Shock Treatment our test facilities are the envy of every suspension tuner. Not to mention the factory teams who are also frequent visitors. With our own Motocross, Supercross, Enduro and Natural Terrain Grass tracks it allows for thorough testing and development of suspension products and procedures. This all assists in ensuring the best possible outcome for your suspension needs. Our complete service involves initial rider to bike set up (Presetting Sag) Track test to determine rider style, ability and perhaps unique considerations as well as unwanted traits in the motorcycles performance. Disassembly of motorcycle and suspension components. Reassembly and final track test and tune to optimise suspension changes. With this level of support available, why would you simply hand your suspension over a counter so someone can take their best guess?

Road bikes receive the same attention to detail. Situated in a semi-rural setting on the edge of Sydney we have excellent roads for testing suspension upgrades. Customers are welcome to hang around while we work on the bikes. Many are intrigued to see exactly what makes suspension tick. While this would annoy and embarrass many workers, we are confident that when you witness our attention to detail and thoroughness, you will be even more satisfied with the outcome.