Workshop Services

Having a workshop specifically designed for suspension services ensures optimum efficiency and performance outcomes. Shock Treatment offers a variety of services and performance options ranging from simple seal replacement to full factory suspension.

Terry setting the sag before track testing
  • Fork and shock service / Seal replacement.
  • Suspension revalving for improved damping control.
  • Race Tech Gold Valves to advance damping control to increased levels.
  • Wide spring selection for optimal rider compatibility.
  • In house machining to correct design flaws in stock suspension.
  • Parts manufacturing for specific goals.
  • Performance coatings for reduced friction:
  • Hard anodising
  • Titanium nitride
  • Titanium Cobalt
  • Nickel Teflon
  • Hard Chrome

No matter how much hype you may hear from other tuners it is testing that determines their true value. Our testing is extremely thorough and on-going. This is made much easier by having our own test tracks. Why would you hand your suspension over a counter so someone can simply take their best guess?

Workshop Form

Workshop Tools