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Scotts Steering Dampers

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Scotts Steering Damper
  • Increases Speed
  • Improves Handling
  • Prevents Headshake
  • Fully Adjustable High and Low Speed
  • Multiple Sweep Settings

Scotts Performance has been at the forefront of the stabilizer industry for nearly 20 years. Its reliability and quality are second to none, with more championships under its belt than any other stabilizer.

Designed to prevent headshake, arm-pump and wheel deflection caused by rocks, roots, square edges and acceleration bumps. Scotts stabilizers inspire confidence helping you go faster in all riding conditions.

If you have never tried one you should. It's the best investment for you bike you will ever make.


Three valving circuits offer infinite adjustability

The High Speed Valve

Valve Control

(Located under the black cap)The high speed valve is designed to help absorb large, unexpected hits, such as a hidden tree root or square edge hole. It reacts to spikes that exceed your current base valve setting or as a secondary circuit that engages when the speed of wheel deflection has reached your desired settings. This key feature is not found on any other damper and is vital to proper steering damper function

Damping Adjustment

Sweep Control Adjustment

This feature adjusts the release point of the dampers range of resistance or sweep. This allows the adjustment of the breakaway point as needed for the specific terrain you are riding as well as reduce arm pump caused by unnecessary resistance in a range that does not require damping. Another important feature is that there is no damping back to centreline to allow for a lighter feel on the steering and easier manoeuvring in the tight turns.

The Base Control Valve

Top of Damper

The base valve adjusts the amount of resistance you feel as you turn the bars left to right.As you turn this knob clockwise you will increase immediate flow restrictions, causing more resistance. Counter clockwise would be less resistance.

BRP's new SUB "Scotts Under Bar" mount gives you the ability to mount your Scotts Damper below the handlebars. This reduces the risk of body contact with your damper while allowing the use of a bar pad. The Sub Mount raises your bar position over the OEM setup. If you do not like a taller bar position, lower bar positions, can be accommodated by lower handlebar bends.

The Sub Mount is manufactured to the highest quality standards of fit and finish. no modifications are required, just a simple bolt on application.

Available in our online shop

Sub Mount for KTM <> Sub Mount for Husky