- the power is in your hand

  • Increase grip, wrist, forearm, shoulder and arm strength
  • Increase endurance for any sport demanding control, and grip strength.
  • Gain the competitive edge in sports requiring hand speed, accuracy and endurance.
  • Perfect for sport warm ups.

What does It Do?

Assists with eliminating Arm Pump, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and all other hand, wrist, arm, elbow, forearm and shoulder conditions.

Hand Muscles

Works Great With These Sports

Baseball, Basketball, Bicycling, BMX, Bowling, Boxing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Climbing, Moto X,
Motorsports, Mountaineering, Pole Vaulting, Rugby, Softball, Tennis, Weightlifting,
- of course any sport that requires forearm strength.

How Does It Work

Being a gyroscope the rotor simply need to be put into motion to develop the necessary, working torque. This requires no batteries. Simply install and pull the zip cord to activate. Alternatively give the ball a quick flick with your thump to get it moving. Rotate your hand to accelerate the movement.

Soon it's whirling at over 9,000 revolutions per minute! Your wrists, grip, and arm are straining and working out against a powerhouse gyroscopic action. In fact, DynaFlex is now spinning so fast that it wants to leap out of your hand! Need a break? Slow down the rotations, or pass it on to an unsuspecting friend.

Arm Muscles

Build strength while improving coordination New easy grip outer sphere for better control and prolonged usage generates up to 32lbs of gyroscopic pressure when maximum RPM's (13,000) are reached. Variable resistance is achieved by increasing or decreasing the speed. Because DynaFlex is iso-tonic and iso-kinetic rather than iso-metric, it is safe and effective.Ideal for the medical and therapeutic rehabilitation, as well as for sports training.

Although the novelty aspect makes the DynaFlex enjoyable and addictive to use, it is not a toy. Its design is from a scientific background employing the use of a finely balanced gyroscopic rotor.

The ultimate in engineering technology and design work. The powerball components include a lighted amber or blue gyro with the same user friendly features and incorporating an on board generator. By activating the gyro, a motion is created which will activate the LED lights located in the interior of the gyro. The faster the unit runs, the brighter the lights will be until the whole hand is engulfed in a bright glow. Due to the extra flywheel mass being created by the additional lighting components, extra torque is developed with the powerball compared to the Pro and Pro Plus units. This ensures the user of an even greater workout. The ultimate Powerball. It is both effective and fun. RRP $69.00

Digital Speed Meter

Speed Meter

Designed to work with the Powerball. It easily adapts to each unit by simply removing the cap of the gyro and snaps the speed meter into place. The speed meter will upgrade each unit to the ultimate performance machine. This is excellent for competition playoffs, measuring your own strength, or just for fun.