Performance Upgrades

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Rebound Separation Valve

Rebound Separation Valve

The Rebound Separation Valve replaces the shock shaft nut with an asymmetric valve (it has a different flow in each direction). Testing shows that when rebound damping is quick enough to get good traction, the compression is too mushy. In the Dirt the RSV cures the vague feeling and bottoming. For Road, the added benefit is pitch control ( front to back movement during acceleration and braking).

The RSV was developed by Terry Hay of Shock Treatment.


For those who want a little more from the bike. Race Tech has solutions at hand.

DR650 Mods

Harley Twin Shocks

Riders can now upgrade their Harleys with state of the art suspension components that are specifically tailored to their needs.

Harley Twin Shocks

WP PDS Spring

KTM PDS Spring

The Race Tech SRSP 6326P Sries springs are far more progressive than stock. They give your KTM more resistance to bottoming and a plusher ride at the same time. The difference is amazing! Guaranteed.

You do not need to revalve the shock to make this spring work!

Lower 250F

Lower Your Bike

There's no modification that we make to motorcycles that gives greater improvement in satisfaction, confidence and riding enjoyment for those who are a little more diminutive.

If you can keep the bike upright and manage it more effectively, it certainly makes for a much more enjoyable day out.

Lower Your Bike

Telescopic Needle

WP Telescopic Needle

Designed at Shock Treatment by Terry Hay and now sold world wide. The telescopic needle replaces the shorter stock compression-metering needle. This innovative design is gradually tapered and collapisible making it more progressive and consistant.

G2 Fork Valve

G2 Fork Gold Valve

G2-R Fork Gold valves art Dual Port Pistons designed to optimize the loading of the shims whilst improving flow. These versitile valves blow away all previous limitations with shim stacks and valving. They can be preloaded, freeloaded and/or restricted for Supercross, Supermoto, Road Race, Motocross, Trail, Enduro and Street.

  • Improved Damping
  • Better Traction and Control
  • Dirt Bikes
  • Sport Bikes
  • Adjustable for all conditions

G3 Shock Valve

G3 Shock Gold Valve

New Shock Gold Valve Kit's for the 46mm KYB, 50mm Showa and 50mm WP, provide better control for the rider. One of over 60 Gold Valve designs, the piston creates more shim leverage and decreases the angular shim deflection. The benefit is more consistant damping and faster lap times.

  • SMGV 4603 - 46mm KYB
  • SMGV 5003 - 50mm KYB and Showa
  • SMGV 5042 - 50mm WP

25mm Cartridge Kit

25mm Cartridge Kit

G2-R 25mm Cartridge Kits for Sportsbikes provide a firm, plush, and consistant stroke resulting in a ride that provides more "feel" and outstanding traction. Made of the highest quality materials, these complete kits come prevalved and include fine tuning charts.

  • 25mm G2-R Valves
  • Hi-Frequency Response Rebound Gold Valves
  • Ultra-low friction piston bands
  • Special low-friction coatings
  • Modular design for quick new model fitment

Spring seats in twin chamber forks

Spring Seats