Harley Davidson Custom Shocks

Harley Davidson is an iconic brand that has been a favourite among the motorcycle fraternity for several decades now. Loved for their sound and feel the Harley promotes an image of motorcycling freedom that has yet to be equalled. The road to freedom can sometimes be a little bumpy on the American Iron. Handling has never been a strong point of the Harley and the standard suspension leaves most riders wanting more. The ultimate solution is now at hand.

Race Tech has introduced the GS3 range of custom shock absorbers.

Riders can now upgrade their Harleys with state of the art suspension components that are specifically tailored to their needs. Not only will purchasers of GS3 shocks have their spring rates and valving set to suit their individual requirements, but also select from ranges of adjustment as well as different shock lengths. Colour and finish variations are available to accent your ride or be in keeping with one off motorcycle designs

At the heart of each Race Tech shock is the world famous Gold Valve. The Gold Valve provides exceptional damping control ensuring a quality outcome.

Whilst our competitors seek out cheaper options from Asia, Race Tech have ensured absolute quality. Insisting that every shock absorber is hand built in the USA to stringent specifications. Couple this with the individual attention that only custom manufacturing brings and you can be assured of the highest quality outcome.

Harley Twin Shock Harley Twin Black Anodised