Gold Valve Emulators

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Damping rod forks have never been known for precise control and maximum traction. They are notorious for being both too harsh and easy to bottom. This is the nature of the damping rod fixed orifice forks. Until now all you could do is change spring rates, oil viscosity and damping hole size. The best available was a serious comprise. Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators solve this dilemma. Simply put: Emulators make damping rod forks perform like well tuned cartridge forks. Emulators are tunable valves that sit on top of the damping rods and are held in place by the main springs. This make them both simple to install and completely tunable for all rider conditions and rider preferences. Track tests consistently result in improvements of more than a second a lap while, at the other end of the spectrum, Street and Sport riders give rave reviews.

"1997 Innovations in Motorcycle Safety Award" for suspension and handling

Emulator Sizes Available

"1998 Product Innovation Award" USA Rider Magazine

  • Improved Control
  • Completely tuneable
  • Firm yet plush ride
  • Cost effective

Our most common street emulator requests would be for the Harley 39, 41.3mm and 49mm forks. Emulators and heavier Fork Springs make a huge difference here.The SV 650, ZZR 1100, TRX 850 and FJ1200 would have to be other very popular modifications.

For the dirt bikes we have emulators for CR 80, KX 60/65, KTM 50, RM65/85, DR 650, TTR 225

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