Vacuum Pump

They say necessity is the mother of invention and the latest offering from Race Tech embodies this ideal.

As shock absorber technology yields more elaborate designs, the process of servicing has become even more complex. “Bleeding” or removing all traces of air from within the confines of the shock absorber body has been made all the more difficult. If there is any trapped air, damping loses consistency and reliable performance is lost. The supreme solution has been to utilize high cost vacuum pumps that until now have only been affordable to suspension manufacturers or the most “well heeled” suspension service outlets.

At Shock Treatment we have had an Ohlins Vacuum pump in operation for several years now. At around $8000 this is not an option for most suspension shops. Race Tech yet again reap the benefits of having an accomplished mechanical engineer at its helm. Paul Thede’s design expertise has produced a well thought out alternative. The new Race Tech vacuum pump offers a professional yet low cost alternative to its higher priced predecessors. At $1995 the Race Tech pump offers the same performance levels in a more compact design. Granted the unit does not possess the entire automation of its competitors but the end result is the same.

The compact unit is easily transported from workshop to track and offers the end user complete consistency. Simple and functional, your job just got easier.