Intercomp Spring Tester

The latest spring tester from Intercomp has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for the motorcycle suspension industry. For the performance conscious tuner, frustration has always surrounded accurately determining specific spring rates.

Spring Tester

Industry tolerances allow for plus or minus 5 percent during the manufacturing process. Given that we are trying to correctly match spring rates to suit the weight of the rider and accuracy is key to performance, this discrepancy is not good enough. 5 percent could mean as much as 15kg difference in ideal rider weight. Stock springs from the manufacturer, (both OEM and aftermarket) are often not as specified. Testing is the only true way of ensuring an accurate base from which to work. Given that the springs form the foundation of all suspension performance outcomes their importance cannot be overstated. Performance oriented companies such as Race Tech individually test each spring to ensure the customer is supplied exactly what he or she requires. An arduous task but the benefits are obvious.

Intercomp Spring Testers are now available through Shock Treatment and are more affordable than ever. The shock spring tester can accurately measure over a load range of up to 5000 pounds (2250 kgs). Also available is the retrofit fork spring tester.