Shock Tools

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Shock Body Holding Tool TFSH 58

Damper Rod Holding Tool

The Shock Body Holding Tool is ideal for clamping WP and Race Tech GS-3 reservoirs. Can be sleeved to clamp any tube smaller than 58mm including Fork Tubes, Shock Bodies etc. Has four pinch bolts and can be used in a press for additional holding power. Machined from Billet Aluminium.



Preload Tool

Shock Preload Tool TSPA 01

Bent tip adjusts spring collars in difficult to reach places

Bush Driver Set

Bushing Drivers TSBD Set

Installs shock shaft bushings into seal heads. 12.5, 14, 16 & 18mm

Shock Spring Compressor

Shock Spring Compressor TSSC 01

Special safety pin. Easy maintenance for shocks

Shock Spring Compressor

Shock Spring Compressor TSSC 02

New Shock Spring Compressor

Clip Tool

Clip Tool TSCT 01

Get behind the wire clips without digging into the shock body

Deburr Tool

Deburring Tool TMBD 08

Handy tool removes burrs resulting from grinding away the factory peening during Gold Valve installation.

Bullet Tools

Bullet Tools TSSB Series

Protects the shock shaft seal during installation

  • TSSB 12.5
  • TSSB 14
  • TSSB 16
  • TSSB 1812
  • TSSB 1815

Seal Head Setting Tool

Seal Head Setting Tools

  • TSSS 01 ( 40 to 50mm )
  • TSSS 01S ( street shocks )
  • TSSS 02 ( WP shocks )
  • TSSS 03 ( 33 to 36mm )

Shaft Holding Tools

Shaft Holding Tools

  • TFSH 10 - 10, 12, 12.5, 14mm
  • TFSH 14 - 14, 16, 18mm
  • TFSH 20 - 20, 24, 29mm
  • TFSH 32 - 32, 35mm

Sag Master

Sag Master TSSM 01

Makes measuring "Race Sag" a snap. No need to subtract!

Pin Spanner

Pin Spanner

Has a unique reverse taper pins for superior grip

  • TMPS 01 - 4.0 & 4.5mm
  • TMPS 02 - 5.0 & 5.5mm

Reservoir Cap Setting Tool

Reservoir Cap Setting Tool TSCT 01

Eliminates damage to the valve while exposing the snap ring on the YZ's

Reservoir Cap Tool

Reservoir Cap Tool TSCT 01

Screws onto the valve for easy removal of the bladder cap

WP Needle Tool

WP PDS Shock Tool TSPS 1524

Removes the compression metering pin from the shock body on KTM WP Shocks

Pro WP Tool

Pro WP PDS Shock Tool

T-Handle, self centring pro version of the standard tool.

  • TSPS T1524
  • TSPS 1630
  • TSPS T20


Compression Adjuster Sockets

Seal Grease

Seal Grease

Race Tech seal grease provides maximum lubrication and minimum friction for all seal and bushing needs