M46K Monoshock

Data Sheet

Two-way adjustable hydraulic monoshock with separate pressurized expansion tank (Nitrogen gas N2).

Monoshock and tank cylinder, D.46mm in Aluminium alloy AI 7075, with lapping and oxidation surface treatment.

Piston rod is in high tensile alloy steel d.16mm with hard chrome surface coating.

Damper adjustment by two distinct and independent adjustment units:

  • Rebound adjustment
  • Compression adjustment

Adjustable wheelbase

The lower joint is machined from Alu billet and can be rose jointed or forked.

The spring is preloaded by a set of a ring and counter-ring unit.

Hydraulic spring preloading system (incorporated or flex) available on request.

The monoshock is available with different a "top end" for a better fit on the different bike models.

Spring in Cr-Mb alloy steel, available in different rates and calibrated for different bikes and rider weights.

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