Lowering Your Motorcycle

Unfortunately mainstream motorcycles only come in one size option per model. For the so called average height person this is generally not a problem. But what if you are shorter than average? It can be quite daunting trying to balance a heavy bike when you struggle to simply touch the ground. Uneven surfaces and manoeuvring the bike out of tricky situations present a world of challenges that the average height rider does not have to consider......We can help.


We can lower your bike to your requirements

  • Dirt bikes.....maximum 90mm
  • Street bikes....maximum 35mm


Greater control and confidence

Improved stability

Increases riding options....hills...pillion etc.


Reduced ground clearance

Side stand may have to be altered

The benefits clearly outweigh the negatives here. Some of our happiest clients are those we lower bikes for.

The process involves placing travel limiting spacers in the forks and shock in order to limit their size.

There is no need to permanently alter any main components making this a completely reversible process. Occasionally shorter springs may also be required.