KTM Suspension Tools

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Pin Spanner

KTM Cap Wrench TFCW 02 or TFCW 50H

KTM Forks that require a pin spanner TFCW 02
KTM 50mm Hex head for 2007 and SX TFCW50H

Pin Spanner

Pin Spanner TMPS 01 or TMPS 02

Has unique reverse taper pins for superior grip
TMPS 01 4.0 & 4.5mm or TMPS 02 5.0 & 5.5mm

KTM Collar

KTM Shock Collar PDSCW 50

The standard WP PDS collars have been known to break and can only be adjusted in full turn increments. The Race Tech Double Locking Spring Collars are strong and can be locked in any position. Like the stock collar, the shock must be dissembled to install the Race Tech replacements.

KTM Gas Jig

KTM Gas Jig TSNC 02

Race Tech have replaced the cumbersome KTM regassing jig with a smartly designed unit that is both easy to use and highly cost effective. Designed to fit easily to all models of WP shocks, this tool is a must for the serious tuner.

Nitrogen Bolt

Nitrogen Bolt SPNV 0512

The Nitrogen valve Bolt is a simple replacement of the standard WP Bolt and allows pressurising with a standard nitrogen needle. This is not required if you convert to a Bladder Conversion Kit.

Bladder Cap

KTM Replacement Bladder Cap Kit

The Race Tech KTM Bladder Cap Kit makes rebuilding WP Shocks easier. The Bladder Cap Kit converts the stock piston type reservoir to a "state of the art" Bladder Reservoir like the factory Showa and KYB's. The bladder kit allows the shock to be filled with nitrogen via a regular Schrader valve. Proven to be highly effective at reducing harshness from square edge bumps.The bladder combines efficiency with performance enhancing qualities.

  • SWBL 01
  • SWBL 02
  • SWBL 03

SWBL 0405

KTM Reservoir Tube and Cap

For KTM 65 an KTM 52mm WP 08/09/10

  • SWBL 04 - KTM 65
  • SWBL 05 KTM 08/09/10

KTM Compressor

KTM Rebound Piston Ring Compressor TFPC2328

This tool compresses the rebound piston ring to insert it into the cartridge tube

Performance Upgrades for KTM's

We have an enormous range of suspension parts for KTM's. some are designed to overcome inherent problems, most are designed to simply enhance performance.

KTM Performance Upgrades