Gassing Equipment

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Also available "High Flow Bladder Caps" and "Bladders" Spare Parts

Nitrogen Regulator

Nitrogen Regulator TSNR 01

Accurately regulates nitrogen pressure from the bottle to the working pressure. 0 to 300psi

Nitrogen Hose

Nitrogen Hose TSNH 48

Special 800psi nitrogen hose with "finger tight" flare nut quick couplings.

Nitrogen Gauge

Nitrogen Gauge

Nitrogen Gauge TSNG 02

This billet nitrogen gauge is really trick. Does not require a wrench. Easily reaches recessed valve stems. 0 to 300psi

Nitrogen Needle

Nitrogen Needle TSNN 01

This tool is designed for gas charged shocks with self-sealing type rubber valves. Use with Nitrogen Gauge.

KTM Gas Jig

KTM Gas Jig TSNC 02

Race Tech have replaced the cumbersome KTM regassing jig with a smartly designed unit that is both easy to use and highly cost effective. Designed to fit easily to all models of WP shocks, this tool is a must for the serious tuner.

Nitrogen Bolt

Nitrogen Bolt SPNV 0512

The Nitrogen valve Bolt is a simple replacement of the standard WP Bolt and allows pressurising with a standard nitrogen needle. This is not required if you convert to a KTM Bladder Conversion Kit. This bolt is also used on Road Bike shocks requiring a gas entry point