Suzuki DR650

The Suzuki DR650 is a very capable motorcycle that has proven itself to be a worthy workhorse over the years. A reliable engine and a practical real world approach to design have ensured its popularity. The DR650 is one of the first choices amongst adventure riders and soon gets kitted out with long range fuel tanks saddle bags and luggage racks. Sadly the DR has been let down by budget suspension components that hold back the bikes potential. Basic “damper rod” forks adorn the front of the motorcycle while a basic shock absorber with limited adjustment handles the duties at the rear.

For those who want a little more from the bike. Race Tech has solutions at hand. With a comprehensive range of springs available we can now cater for light weight riders to the heaviest with the most demanding loads.

To further improve performance Race Tech can supply Gold Valve Emulators for the forks. The Emulator is a valve body that simulates the damping action of a modern cartridge fork. This will provide a more comfortable and stable ride whilst providing superior bottoming resistance.

DR650 Shaft Assembly

For the shock we can provide a number of damping upgrades ranging from simple revalving and Gold Valve kits to complete shaft and internal replacement. The new shaft comes complete with all the necessary components as well as a Race Tech Gold Valve for improved handling and the addition of a rebound adjuster. The added level of adjustment is perfect for those who have a variety of uses for the bike. Combine all the options and the DR650 comes alive with the ability to handle any task set before it......within the limits of reason of course.